This is a landing page for my self hosted applications and the hobbies I'm interested in.

About ITSoLuTioNS

This is the landing page for my personal site. On this site you will find links to applications I have deployed and currently use in my day-to-day life.

Below you will find some of my hobbies and things I am interested in, but don't have a full committment to:


Although I spend most of my time outside of work on software development related side projects, I often start to run into mental blockers and the dreaded burnout if I spend too much time on the wrong problem. My hobbies are activities that often keep me grounded and prevent me from running into these rarely occuring burn-out situations. I don’t attach lofty goals to my hobbies or consider them a main objective within my life. I look at my hobbies as an enhancement to my current situation and as an aid in my own well being. I have other activities in my life that occur on a regular basis, but I would consider myself deeply invested in these out of all the rest due to their positive returns on my mental health.


I started playing piano when I was in first grade. I lasted about a year before my Mom allowed me to quit. I never really picked it back up until my brother started playing guitar when he was in high school and he got pretty good. I always thought it would be cool to play guitar, so I picked it up while in college and have loved playing it ever since. After learning to adequately play guitar, I now have a general feeling towards all instruments and wish to re-learn the piano and one day pick up the tenor? saxaphone.

At present, I dont have as much time as I would like to practice and play, but it is something that I will come back to as my time starts to free up from work and larger side projects. Music keeps me creative and actively thinking of new ways to create.


Exercise for me means a couple different things. Now that my time is constrained mostly by work and projects, I don’t have as much time as I would like to powerlift anymore. The time constraint often leaves me to running for 20 minutes on a treadmill and random silly bs in the weight room for another 20.

With the physical stress of exercise 3 times a week, I am able to walk away from the gym feeling good and mentally ready. The gym has taught me not only discipline, but also about about scale and making progress.


I say finance, but I mean investments, and personal finance. I’m not obsessed with money, but I find financial products as simple as bonds to complex products such as derivitives very interesting. I keep a close eye on the market, and I am always looking out for new financial products and news. I want to learn more about accounting, but will most likely learn it only on an as-needed basis